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Passive Radiator Pad - Multi-band nextG/3G/4G


AU $49.00


nextG 3G and 4G LTE 1800
8dBi Gain - All Band
207x177x46mm, 300mm coax with
SMA-male + optional SMA-female or FME-male adapter.
Lays on desk, phone is placed on top.
Use with the X-Link Bluetooth Gateway. see below

Minimum Requirements for Effective Passive Pad operation:
In areas of poor outdoor signal, 1-2 bars:
• Cable runs: require super-low-loss LMR400 coax.
• A high gain Yagi antenna of 16dBi.
In areas of medium-high outdoor signal, 3 bars or more:
• Cable runs: >5m require LMR240, >10m require LMR400
• A high gain Yagi antenna of at least 13dBi depending on available signal.


  • SMA male 
  • SMA female (+AU $3.00)
  • FME male (+AU $3.00)
  • FME female (+AU $3.00)
  • N female (+AU $3.00)
  • N male (+AU $3.00)
SMA male adapter option SMA female adapter option FME male adapter option FME female adapter option N female adapter option N male adapter option

Minimum Requirements for Antenna sytem must be met.

3dBi 800-2500MHz 3G/4G Ceiling Antenna - Passive Radiator (SMA)

CODE: CA-3dBi-Ceiling-Radiator

AU $29.00
All Carriers - Any 3G and 4G LTE Band
3dBi Gain - Improve Signal Quality in low signal areas. 
• Suit  Indoor  Fixed Location wireless broadband installations.
     Includes: •Antenna (radiator) •Ceiling Mounting    •SMA male connector

3dBi 2.4GHz Wifi Ceiling Antenna (RP-SMA)

CODE: RPSMA-CA-3dBi-Ceiling-Radiator

AU $29.00

2400MHz   WiFi - Wireless G / N
3dBi Gain Omni directional
• Suit Indoor installations
SMA male connector and RP-SMA male adapter included



  • RP-SMA (Adapter) connection 

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