7dBi 4G/3G 700 850 900Vehicle Antenna with Heavy Duty Detachable Bullbar Mount

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7dBi 4G/3G Vehicle Antenna with Heavy Duty Detachable Bullbar Mount

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4G & 3G Vehicle Antenna - Spring Base, Detachable

Multiband, 7dBi Ground Independant Vehicle Antenna with Heavy Duty Bull Mount .
Designed to provide maximum range and performance possible from a mobile omnidirectional antenna.
This antenna's high gain and reliable performance over all GSM and 3G 850/900/2100MHz bands as well as  4G and 4GX on the 700/1800MHz frequencies makes it ideal for rural areas. It has a removable whip and comes fitted with an 4m of low loss coax and FME connector and a bull bar mounting bracket which makes the installation quick and easy. The removable whip allows for seamless removal and re-attachment as the user desires.
Available in Black. Requires patch cable or cradle with antenna socket.

7dBi radiation Pattern 7dBi radiation Pattern
7dBi radiation Pattern 7dBi radiation Pattern  

Electrical Data


Bands - B28,B5,B8
Gain dBi
6.5dBi 7 6.5
Gain dBi
Frequency Range: 700-960/1710-2170/2600-2700 MHz
VSWR: <1.8:1 - see data sheet
Polarization: Vertical
Beamwidth: 25deg @ 700-960MHz
Nominal Impedance: 50 Ohms
Max Input Power: 10 W
Cable: 4m RG58

Mechanical Data

Connector: FME female
Length - Spring Base: 730mm
Spring Base
Stainless Steel with
15mm mounting bolt
Antenna Material: Fiberglass Radome
Mounting Method: Bull Bar, Roof Rack etc.
select your Mounting Bracket.
Operating temperature: -45~+75°C
Type: Vehicle Omnidirectional Rigid

ground independant heavey duty 3g vehicle antenna

FME to SMA adapter

FME Connection
Connects Antenna to Modem and Mobile Phone Patch Cables

Patch Cable NOT included.
Please select the patch cable you require


    Detachable DetachableVehicle Vehicle
    Broomstick BroomstickGround Independent Ground IndependentOmnidirectional Omnidirectional
    Vertical Vertical

Carrier Band and Mode

    Optus OptusTelstra/Bigpond Telstra/BigpondVodafone Vodafone
    3G 2100 3G 21003G 900 3G 9003G nextG 850 3G nextG 8504G 1800 4G 18004G 2100 4G 21004G 700 4G 7004G 850 4G 8504G 900 4G 900
700 850 900 1800 2100
Carrier/Service Band Mode Bandwidth Compatible
Telstra 4GX / Optus 4G 700 700MHz 4G LTE FD
703~803 MHz
Telstra/Bigpond nextG  850MHz 3G WCDMA 824~894 MHz
Vodafone 3G, 3G+ & 4G
Optus, Virgin, Vodafone
3G (900MHz)
900MHz UMTS/HSPA 900 880~960 MHz
Telstra & OPTUS - 4G LTE 1800MHz LTE 1800 FD
1710~1880 MHz
Telstra voice/sms
1900MHz UMTS 1900 1850~1990 MHz
Vodafone, Optus, Telstra
GSM/3G - voice/sms/data
1920~2170 MHz


Spec sheet (url_uploaded_file_149568696359265f339db40, 263 Kb) [Download]


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