Optus 4G/3G cel-fi pro Repeater

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Optus 4G/3G Repeater

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Smart Repeater for Optus 3G

Don't suffer from poor indoor mobile coverage any longer!

The Cel-fi Pro repeater will help to increase your internal mobile signal, dramatically improving voice call quality and 3G/4G internet data speeds for multiple devices.


Mobile Repeater for Optus 3G and 4G

The Cel-Fi Repeater has been tested, authorized and approved by Optus for use on the Optus 3G Network



The 3G Smart Repeater

Nextivity's Cel-Fi Pro is an intelligent indoor coverage solution for Optus 3G network operating on the 3G 900/2100MHz and 4G 1800/2600MHz services. It is designed to dramatically improve indoor voice quality and increase 3G and 4G mobile broadband data speeds. This includes Optus Resellers such as Exetel, Amaysim, Dodo, iiNet, plus more

The Cel-fi Pro is specially designed to not interfere with the mobile network or other users. Often referred to as a Smart Repeater or Smart Antenna, the Cel-Fi has the ability to provide maximum coverage, be network friendly and can be easily installed by the end user.

This version of the Cel-fi Pro will only operate on the
Optus 3G 900/2100 and 4G 1800/2600MHz network.
It will not support 4G 700MHz band 28 and will not work with Telstra or Vodafone services.

- Easy 5 Minute Setup
- Up to 900 sqm indoor coverage area, depending on the construction materials of your building.
- Locked to the Optus Network.
- Use up to 5 mobile phones and/or Modems simultaneously
- The only LEGAL repeater for Australia with Mobile Network Protection.
- SMA female External Antenna Port for Yagi or omnidirectional antenna connection.

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Optus and Optus Wholesale resellers

Optus Smart Repeater signal repeater

Antenna repeater for Optus Mobile Broadband


Service Qualification Check - Optus Requirements


Please provide the needed information at time of purchase.
Please read Optus's Terms and Conditions regarding Smart Repeater usage before purchasing.
We will submit your information to Optus to registration of this product to your address on your behalf.
There may be additional delay of 1-3 business days in supply due to this qualification process.

money-back guarantee
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If it does not work to specification at your location this product it can be returned within 30 days after purchasing for a full refund minus any shipping charges.  

*Money Back Guarantee - Customer must return the Cel-Fi repeater within 30 days of receiving if the product does not perform to specification. Item must be returned with all packaging and parts in original condition. Refund component does not include any shipping charges paid.

connect yagi antenna to cel-fi smart repeater

Optus Smart Repeater SMA external antenna connection  

Antenna Kits to suit this Signal Repeater

Cel-Fi is covered by a 24 month warranty.
Visit www.mobilephonebooster.com.au to learn more about the legality of Repeaters and Boosters in Australia.

Cel-Fi PRO for Optus Brochure (Cel-FI_PRO_Optus_Flyer.pdf, 600 Kb) [Download]

Cel-Fi PRO Data Sheet (data_pro_v4_11.14.2014.pdf, 302 Kb) [Download]

Cel-Fi PRO Quick Start Guide (qsg_PRO-NA-ENGLISH-s.pdf, 5,113 Kb) [Download]


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