05/08/2015, 01:25 PM

"Hi Joe,
thanks for the antenna and the extra bits you added, much appreciated. I was away for last week and just installed it this morning, so now have a dual 4G lite system fully installed. Signal strength has lifted from 20% to 60% and the RSRP is now -87dBm, and the RSTQ is -12dBm, and Speedtest delivered a 21.32 Mb/s download speed, a good improvement overall. Cheers, Trevor"

10/04/2015, 05:04 PM

"Hi Joe
I received the Yagi antenna and installed it recently, coupling it to the Telstra Smart antenna. We now have 4-5 bars inside the house. Thanks very much for your help and expert advice, very much appreciated.
Best Regards
Richard Miller"

28/03/2015, 03:49 PM

"Hello Joe
ordered an 11dBi multiband antenna for my iinet wifi modem. I must say your site is great for finding what you need. EASY AS! hooked it all up went from 1 bar to 3-4 bars but the best bit, the speed went through the roof. So IMPRESSED with your fast delivery and QUALITY products will recommend you to anyone who will listen.

20/03/2015, 06:26 PM

"Joe - thank you for your help over the past couple of months sorting everything out. I connected the extension cables you sent me and my signal strength went from 2 to 5. A speed test showed just shy of 10 mbps which is about 7 times the speed I get in Sydney on a so-called ADSL 2 connection.
Thank you so much. "

11/03/2015, 11:13 AM

"I’m not spending all this effort to compromise :-) I will order today and select Express Post. Thanks Joe - I couldn’t have completed this upgrade of my 'broadband in the country’ without your help. Telstra was useless but you helped me make it happen

27/02/2015, 01:19 PM

"Hi Joe, I bought a Yagi antenna from you a couple of weeks ago and after putting up with a hopeless signal for 12 months, I am extremely happy to have full signal. Thanks for all your help.
Many many thanks, Vic."

24/02/2015, 01:34 PM

"hi just a note. to align your antenna better if you are usung a mobile or portable hotspot you can log in to the modem 192.168.1 and see signal strenght. the lower the number the better the signal
The Antenna Company pty ltd."

19/02/2015, 05:04 PM

"Hey there,
just to say thanks for prompt delivery and it works a treat!
gone from 0 bars to 4 bars on the telstra MF91 wifi modem.
Actually usable now!
Only using one antenna at moment so once I confirm MIMO
in our area time for a 2nd antenna.

02/11/2014, 10:28 AM

"Hi Joe
Its great. We are thrilled with the quality of the connection.
The internet is working very well. It was just showing -70dbm and the 5 bars are consistent and you can see by the uptime that the connection is stable. The test is showing the best line I have ever seen here. I have had better download rates , but this doesn’t worry me. What is fantastic is the advantage of the ping of the wireless connection cf the satellites clunky 1 sec plus ping.
Thanks for all your assistance. We were able to use the picture you created showing the direction of the Optus tower from our home to align the antenna
I will have no hesitation in recommending your company to any other people in Shelford and district. The internet and mobile wireless connectivity is often a talking point.

26/07/2014, 01:21 PM

"Thank you for your absolute perfect service.
I got what I want, delivered on time, perfect packing.
Will recommend you to anybody, with RF phone problems.
Thank you

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