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Make mobile phone calls around your home or office using any land-line phone.
Connect Standard or Long-Range cordless phones to your mobile phone account.

XLink BT Cellular Bluetooth Gateway


AU $94.99

Connect Mobile Phones to regular fixed or cordless telephones

Connects Mobile Phone wirelessly to Landline phones via Bluetooth
Make and take cellular calls from any phone in the house or office
IPhone Ready - Dial ## on home phone to connect to Siri.
Connect upto 3 Mobiles to Corded or Cordless Land- line phones.
Great for use with Long-range Cordless Phones.
Save Money — Eliminate your land line rental fee.
Make or take cellular calls from any phone in the house.
Only XLink sends caller ID to your home telephones from your cell.
Reduce exposure to mobile handset radiation.
Eliminate poor indoor cellular reception and stay "mobile"

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