Coax Cable Quality
Our High Quality Coax

Fully Tinned Copper Outer Braid
- Resist corrosion and electrolysis
- Strong mechanical connection
- Lower loss over long lengths

Greater than 90% Braid Coverage
- Lower signal loss
Bonded Foil Second Shield
- Consistent Impedance

Correct Inner & Outer Conductor Diameter
- Correct impedance.

Foam Polyethylene Dielectric
Cheap Poor Quality Coax

Bare Copper Outer Braid
- No Corrosion resistance
- Weak mechanical connection

Less than 75% Braid Coverage
- Signal loss by radiation
Loose Foil Second Shield
- Inconsistent Impedance

Undersized Inner & Outer Conductor Diameter
- Loose fit to crimp connectors
- Poor impedance match

Solid Polyethylene Dielectric
- Higher signal loss