F male to FME Female Antenna Cable Adapter

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F Male to FME Female Patch Lead


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F Male - FME Female  Patch Lead

  • Adapt TV type coax cable to 3G/4G devices with FME connectors. 
  • 150mm RG316 Coax
  • Converts an FME Coax Connector to F type.
  • TV coax is 75ohm as opposed to the 50Ω impedance rating of 3G/4G antenna systems. Using TV type RG6 or RG11 with mobile broadband devices creates an impedance mismatch that can result in high VSWR and thus an additional signal loss of 3dB or more. For this reason we do not recommend nor supply 75Ω coax. However we do get many requests from customers and TV antenna installers for FME cables and adapters to suit the TV coax.
  • If it is expected that the signal strength will be quite high once the antenna is installed and your building already has 75Ω coax run from an obsolete satellite dish or TV antenna, you may wish to re-use that coax with a 3G/4G antenna.
    Its not the best way to go, but the results can often be sufficient.
Patch Lead


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    RG174/RG316 RG174/RG316

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