LL240 LL240 Antenna Cable - Low Loss - SMA

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LL240 Coax Cable - Low Loss - SMA


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LL240 Antenna Extension Cable
(CLF240, KRL240,
®LMR240) - 50Ω  Very Low Loss Double Shielded 6.1mm

Suitable for Mobile and Fixed-Wireless installations such as Vehicles, Caravanns, Offices Buildings and Homes.
Lower loss than the LL195 (®LMR195).

LL240 Coax has two SMA female connectors. Note, the 5m version is SMA male to SMA female. When ordered with our antenna kits, we ensure that the whole thing fits together and will include gender-bender where required.
Semi-rigid and Double shielded by one layer of Aluminium foil and one close-knit copper braid make for a low-loss coax with 6.1mm overall diameter.  Its very-low signal attenuation figures make it well suited for use at Cell Phone frequencies.

LMR240 - Signal Loss - 10m cable length
Frequency (MHz):
850 900 1800 2100 2400 (WiFi)
Attenuation (dB):

2.4 2.5 3.6 3.8
Outer Diameter:   6.1mm                          Impedance:    50Ω
Inner Conductor:   1.42mm Solid Copper
Outer Sheild:   Bonded Aluminum Foil + Tinned Copper Braid
Dielectric:   Physical Foam Polyethylene

There are many suppliers that manufacture coax cables to the ®LMR series specification. Some suppliers cut corners, producing sub-standard coax which does not conform. Shown below is a comparison of the high quality coax we supply with our kits and a sub-standard version.
Our High Quality Coax

Fully Tinned Copper Outer Braid
- Resist corrosion and electrolysis
- Strong mechanical connection
- Lower loss over long lengths

Greater than 90% Braid Coverage
- Lower signal loss
Bonded Foil Second Shield
- Consistent Impedance

Correct Inner & Outer Conductor Diameter
- Correct impedance.

Foam Polyethylene/Air Dielectric
Cheap Poor Quality Coax

Bare Copper Outer Braid
- No Corrosion resistance
- Weak mechanical connection

Less than 75% Braid Coverage
- Signal loss by radiation
Loose Foil Second Shield
- Inconsistent Impedance

Undersized Inner & Outer Conductor Diameter
- Loose fit to crimp connectors
- Poor impedance match

Solid Polyethylene Dielectric
- Higher signal loss

LMR400 vs LMR240 coax cable loss ®LMR is a registered trademark of Times Mircowave Systems USA



    SMA female socket SMA female socket


    LMR240 LMR240

Specification Data (LMR240A.pdf, 39 Kb) [Download]


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