16dBi 850/900MHz 3G/4G Yagi Antenna for Mobile Broadband

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16dBi 850/900MHz Yagi Antenna

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Coax cable from antenna to wallplate or direct to modem/patch cable


16dBi 850/900MHz Yagi Antenna (Directional)
Telstra 3G, Optus 3G, Vodafone 3G/4G+
Mobile Phone and Mobile Broadband Internet

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Benefits - Who uses these antennas.


  • 3G USB Modems, Routers and 3G Mobile Phones.
  • Rural/Regional services.
  • 3G 850MHz & 900MHz Mobile Phones and Mobile Broadband Access.
  • 4G 850MHz as used by Vodafone.
  • GSM mobile phones
  • Remote, 3G IP Cameras surveillance and control.
  • For Fixed Wireless, Outdoor and Semi-Mobile installs.
  • RFID and 900MHz wireless links
  • Greatly Improves Wireless Internet and Mobile Phone service in rural and marginal signal areas.
  • Mines, Dongas and Geo-technical contractors.
  • Locations in hills country where local 3G signal is week due to terrain.
  • Farms and Stations too far from Mobile phone towers.
  • Correctly installed, this antenna may turn an unreliable 3G internet connection into a fast broadband and quality VoIP service.

Included in the 3G antenna kit

Supplied with FME-Female and SMA-Male (adapter) final connection.
Patch Lead (if required) not included sold separately

3G 800-900MHz Yagi antenna beamwidth


3G 900MHz Yagi antenna

3G 900MHz Yagi antenna dimensions

Cables & Connections
LMR240 low-loss coax cable + Dual FME SMA Coax Cable Modem Connector

 Antenna Coax Cable
Select your required length of
LL195, LL240 or LL400 low-loss coax cable.
Connects Antenna to Wallplate or direct to your modem/Patch Cable.

Coax specs


 SMA-Male and FME-female Connection

Antenna Cables use SMA
with final termination being FME female.
 Adapter(s) included

Others available

Phone/Modem Patch Cable not included - Please purchase separately

Mast shown in pictures is for illustration purposes only.
Mast or pole not included

850 900 MHz Compatible
Carrier/Service Band Mode Bandwidth Compatible?
Telstra/Bigpond nextG  850MHz 3G WCDMA 824~894 MHz
Vodafone 3G, 3G+ HSPA,DC-HSPA+
Vodafone 4G 850 4G
Optus, Virgin, Vodafone
3G (900MHz)
900MHz UMTS/HSPA 900 880~960 MHz
Telstra 4G Advanced 900MHz
900MHz 4G LTE-A 880~960 MHz
Telstra Vodafone & Optus - 4G
1800MHz LTE 1800 FD
1710~1880 MHz no
Vodafone, Optus, Telstra
GSM/3G - voice/sms/data
1920~2170 MHz no
*Services are being continuously updated - subject to change.

Electrical Data
850MHz Band 900MHz Band
Frequency(MHz): 824-890
Gain: 15dBi
VSWR:  <1.5:1  <1.2:1
Polarization: Vertical, Horizontal (±45° Slant with optional bracket)
Horizontal Beamwidth: 31°  30°
Vertical Beamwidth: 28°  27°
Nominal Impedance: 50 Ohms
F/B Ratio: >18 dB
Lightning Protection: DC Ground

Mechanical Data

Pigtail / Connector: 300mm LMR240 / SMA- male
Dimensions: 1410 x 200 x 50 mm
Weight: 1.2kg
Pigtail Cable Length: 300mm
Reflector Material: Aluminum Alloy
Antenna Material: Aluminum Alloy
Mounting Method: Mast
Mast Diameter: Ø40-Ø70mm  U-Bolt Clamp
Rated Wind Velocity: 210km/h
Operating temperature: -40~+65°C
Type: Directional,  Yagi-Uda

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