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6.5dBi 4G/3G Detachable Omnidirectional Mobile Phone Vehicle Antenna RFI CDQ7195


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4G/3G Vehicle Antenna - Spring Base, Detachable

Covers 4G/4Gx/3G 700MHz (B28), 850MHz (B5), 900MHz (B8) mobile network services as well as the upper 4G bands of 1800MHz (B3), 2100MHz (B1), 2300MHz (B40) and 2600MHz (B7) as used by Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. Also covers the 2.4GHz Wireless Network band.

With a 16mm stud mount on an heavy duty electropolished stainless steel spring, these antennas may be installed on a number of mounting brackets and are ideal for installations in commercial vehicles, 4WD's, Motor-homes and trucks. Also suitable for marine applications.

The CDQ7195 Mobile Phone antenna is designed with the patented coupled Meander™ radiating elements which deliver consistency of gain, coverage pattern and bandwidth. The result is a unique antenna able to operate across all mobile phone networks globally, housed in the one unit.

In addition the CDQ7195 is designed with the RFI Q-Fit® system for quick removal of the whip section. This allows users to remove the whip section when entering car wash’s, low height areas such as car parks and for security. The antennas are provided with a waterproof sealing cap to prevent the ingress of dust and water when the whip section is removed.

  • Bandwidth: 698-960MHz / 1710-2170 / 2300-2700MHz
  • Q-Fit® system for quick removal of the whip section
  • Nominal Gain :
    6.5dBi @ 698 - 960MHz  - Bands: 28 (700), 5 (850) & 8 (900)
    4.5dBi @ 1710 - 2170MHz - Bands: 3 (1800), 1 (2100)
    5.5dBi @ 2300 - 2700MHz - Bands: 40 (2300), WiFi (2400) & 7 (2600)
  • Vertical Beamwidth: 25° / 30° / 20°
  • VSWR: <2.3:1
  • Power (max capable): 10W
  • Cable and Connector: 5m of 9006 foil shielded, low loss coax cable (equivient to LMR195/200)
  • Termination: FME female, suits all Phone cradles and Patch Leads
  • Radome Diameter: 22.5mm - 15.6mm Tapered
  • Length: 960mm
  • Packaging: Clear hanging bag
  • Modem/Phone Patch Lead is NOT included.
ground independant detatchable 4G/3G vehicle antenna
FME to SMA adapter
hi-gain detatchable 4G/3G detatchable vehicle antenna
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    Detachable DetachableVehicle Vehicle
    Broomstick BroomstickCo-linear Co-linearGround Independent Ground IndependentOmnidirectional Omnidirectional
    Vertical Vertical

Carrier Band and Mode

    B28 700MHz B28 700MHzB5 850MHz B5 850MHzB8 900MHz B8 900MHzB3 1800MHz B3 1800MHzB1 2100MHz B1 2100MHzB40 2300MHz B40 2300MHzB7 2600MHz B7 2600MHzWiFi 2.4G WiFi 2.4GGSM GSM
    Optus OptusTelstra/Bigpond Telstra/BigpondVodafone Vodafone
700 850 900 1800 1900 2100 2300 2400 2600 MHz Compatible
Carrier/Service Frequency Band Bandwidth Compatible
Telstra 4Gx
Optus 4G, *TPG 4G
700MHz Band 28
703~803 MHz
Telstra 3G
Vodafone 3G & 4G
 850MHz  Band 5 809~894 MHz
Optus 3G,  *Telstra 4G
Vodafone 3G *4G
900MHz Band 8
880~960 MHz
Telstra & Optus 4G
1800MHz Band 3
1710~1880 MHz
Vodafone, Optus, Telstra
3G and *4G
2100MHz Band 1
1920~2170 MHz
Optus 4G TDD
2300MHz Band 40
2302~2400 MHz
2.4GHz Wireless Networks
WiFi WLAN 802.11
2400MHz WiFi 2.4GHz

2400-2484 MHz

Telstra 4G, Optus 4G
*Vodafone/TPG 4G
 Band 7 2500~2690 MHz
Notes: *Minor or in-transition services

Spec sheet (P-42964-2_CDQ7100_Series.pdf, 231 Kb) [Download]


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