Troubleshooting Guide 

Sorry to hear there that you are experiencing problems with the antenna you purchased from us.
You're here because we directed you to this page to collect the vital info we need to help resolve antenna installation or setup issues.
We will try our very best to help, and will get back to you as soon as possible.

The most common problems experienced by our customers are that either the antenna has been pointed in the wrong direction, is the wrong antenna for the task or there is just no service available.

1. Check that the antenna you have is designed for use on the same band that your modem is using to connect.
This will be less of an issue with multi-band antennas, but for the very high gain Yagi Antennas, you may find that the tower is using a band not supported by the antenna. Check your antenna specs against the charts shown here:

Australian 3G frequencies
Australian 4G frequencies


2. Double check your order to ensure you have ordered and been supplied with the correct Patch Lead for your Modem or Phone.
    If in doubt, please contact us including a clear photo if needed.

3. The first step is to ensure that you have the correct antenna for your service and that you are pointing it in the right direction.
If not already done so, please familiarize yourself with the towers and their frequencies.
Instructions can be found at locate.onwireless.net .
More info can be found at faq.onwireless.net .

Tower info can be found at towers.onwireless.net
4. If, having ensured that the antenna is correctly installed, you find that the antenna system is still not performing, please follow our guides below:


5. If still no luck, please fill out our assistance page by clicking the link below.
   This form provides us with much of the info that we need to assist you to solve you antenna system trouble.

 Rest assured that we will do everything possible to get you connected with the right equipment.


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