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Why we started ONWIRELESS.COM
A little while ago we decided that the remoteONE office would do away with our slow and unreliable satellite internet and churn over to the newly implemented Optus 3G wireless broadband service. Yes we were running our entire web business via a satellite connection!
Since you may have come to our website, looking for an alternative to your own satellite internet service, you would be right to wonder how we managed to do that.

We chose Exetel as our provider of Optus 3G internet and purchased a USB 3G modem to test it out. What we found during our "testing' was both frustrating and enlightening. Even though the USB modem was receiving an excellent 4-5 bar signal inside our office, the internet was unreliable, constantly dropping out and switching back and forth from UMTS to WCDMA. Our VoIP service was almost unusable.  

This problem was solved by attaching our USB modem to a high gain Yagi antenna. The excellent front-to-back ratio and rejection of signals to the side of the Yagi antenna helped to block out interference and reflected signals that were causing connection problems.
So... Signal Strength is just part of the solution to reliable 3G/4G internet, Signal Quality is even more important....

We now use a faster HSUPA Industrial 3G Router for backup, with the main ADSL internet is provided via a Ubiquity M900 - 900MHz Bridge stretching 2km to a location where reliable ADSL is available.

As an Electronics Engineer having had a keen interest in antenna design from my early days, and spent quite a stint overseeing Quality Assurance and NATA certification in an R&D Laboratory, I researched the 3G and 4G industry for the best the solution to these connectivity problems. In the process, I found so many manufactures ovestating the performance of their products it took some time to weed out the BS artists from the professional antenna suppliers.

The result of these tireless efforts is what you see here at onwireless.com.au...
A professional
range of antennas for 3G and 4G Mobile and Fixed Wireless installations
, backed up with professional service. Our aim is to get you connected with the best value products available.



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 A wise man told me
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