Virgin 3G & 4G Mobile Phone and Virgin Mobile Broadband Coverage Maps

Virgin Mobile Broadband & Mobile Phone Coverage Map

 virgin mobile coverage map Virgin Mobile Coverage Maps show current Virgin Mobile's wireless broadband network.
Virgin use the Optus network.

Virgin-Mobile wireless broadband and Mobile Phone services use the Optus 3G and 4G network for mobile phone and mobile broadband services. The Map below shows Virgin (Optus) wireless broadband coverage and mobile phone at the entered location. Expected coverage when using an external low gain omni-directional antenna is also shown. Network speeds up to *7.2Mbps and *21Mbps in some areas can be expected.

3G - Single Band
Uses the older 2100MHz 3G network, having shorter range and requiring line-of-sight (LOS) from your location to the tower.

3G - Dual Band
Makes both 900MHz and 2100MHz available, 900MHz has less signal loss per km and does not always need LOS to operate.
Select "3G Dual Band" to show whether you are covered by 900MHz 3G. If no Dual Band service is showing at your location,
Select "Single Band" to determine if your location has only the 2100MHz service available.
Our high-gain Yagi antennas cover only the 900MHz or 2100MHz band and our mid-gain antennas may cover both bands.

4G LTE 1800
4G LTE (FDD) is now available on the 1800MHz band. As with Virgin's 3G service, Optus 4G is resold as Virgin's 4G LTE .
Speeds up to *50Mbps can be expected.

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