3G Antenna Reviews

"Hi joe,
Just a note to say the yagi i bought from you for remote qld worked excellent. It was so good [compared with the magnetic aerial i used be before], that the signal strength went from one bar to four bars constant. This enabled me to do heaps of downloads quickly , without constantly having to recharge Telstra broadband credit [as before].
Cheers Joe

"Joe - thank you for your help over the past couple of months sorting everything out. I connected the extension cables you sent me and my signal strength went from 2 to 5. A speed test showed just shy of 10 mbps which is about 7 times the speed I get in Sydney on a so-called ADSL 2 connection.
Thank you so much. "

"Hi Joe,
Want to thank you very much for your kind help with my new "Beaut" Yagi! I have gone from no bars, just the next g logo, to 4 solid green bars ! Magic Yagi eh!
Kindest regards

"Great site, clear photos and no ambiguity with the products, great! Thanks!."

"Hi Joe,
thanks for the antenna and the extra bits you added, much appreciated. I was away for last week and just installed it this morning, so now have a dual 4G lite system fully installed. Signal strength has lifted from 20% to 60% and the RSRP is now -87dBm, and the RSTQ is -12dBm, and Speedtest delivered a 21.32 Mb/s download speed, a good improvement overall. Cheers, Trevor"

"Hi Joe,
Just reporting in to say the ​MIMO ​antenna solution you sold me ​has been working superb​ly over the past month or so​! ​I bought a telescoping ​antenna with a caravan frame mount to hold it up.
I'm currently connected to a​n Optus​ tower 38Km away with a strong 4G signal ​on band 28​, 30Mb/s down 20Mb/s up. Couldn't be happier!
​Thanks mate​!

"I’m not spending all this effort to compromise :-) I will order today and select Express Post. Thanks Joe - I couldn’t have completed this upgrade of my 'broadband in the country’ without your help. Telstra was useless but you helped me make it happen

"Received my order thank you. Great service and top product.
Andrew Smith"

"Fantastic Service. So many people setup websites to sell product but forget about the customer experience. Joe is easy to deal with. If there's a problem with your order it can be fixed without any hassles. Buy all your communications gear from this site... "

"Hi Joe
We have just got one of your 11 dbi antennas with LMR400 cable, we have been using a 600mm black whip antenna for 5 years with normal coax and noticed our signal strength had dropped to medium and our mbs was sitting on .8 - 1.1mb download and 1-1.6mb upload, now with the new antenna, our signal is sitting on high and our download is 4 - 6 mb, and upload 2.3 -2.8 mb, such an amazing..."

"Hi Joe,
Just wanted to thank you for the antenna. It works great and your website is very helpful! I will definately be recommending you :)
Thanks again,"

"Hi there. I purchased a yagi antenna and related goods from you on ebay late january, and what a FANTASTIC thing this has been. I had no mobile coverage at Phillip Island but thanks to your help, it is an absolute miracle.My data speedn when I am downloadding in near equivalent to fixed broadband that I get in Melbourne. Thanks !!!!
Thannks for all your help.
Ann Grose.

"Hi Guys,
Just wanted to say thank you for prompt delivery. We received our 17dBi panel antenna the next day after ordering and it has been installed.
It definitely made a huge difference to our Vividwireless service !
The only issue was me ordering the wrong cables but I am very grateful for your service - thank you! "

"Thanks for setting up our office with the dual antenna. We have ok signal at our place, but the office is underground with core-filled besser-block walls so we werent getting any signal to the Telstra modem. Now the internet is faster than our ADSL - no surprises really as given our distance from the exchange. We are now ready for Telstras 4G.
Thanks again"

"We have been operating on 3G wireless for internet and phone using a 3G Cel-Fi booster for the last 4 years.
We are in a rural area (Northern NSW) that is surposed to be serviced by NBN Satalite but found the service and quality of this totally unacceptable with no improvement in sight and very expensive.
I have been considering my options for some time - Cel-Fi 4G with a suitable Yargi, just..."

"Hi, I just altered direction of aerial, from one / two bars to a steady four bars,will be interesting to see if it stays that way.So far all good.Thank you for your assistance, more than I can say for the supplier. Regards Bill."

"After getting a suitable mast fabricated I finally have the mobile repeater system you specified up and running.
I wish to thank you so very much for your help and guidance during this process - we have gone from 2 bars 3G and zero bars 4G to 4-5 bars 3G and 3-4 bars 4G!
A huge side benefit is that we can achieve 16 Mb/s Download and 15Mb/s Upload speeds when we use the mobile as a personal..."

"Hey guys,
I've never sent a message to a seller before about their product but when it comes to this aerial/coax package I have to let you know how well it worked for me in the hope you'll use it as a testimonial for other frustrated mobile broadband customers....
I've consistently had around the 0.50 Mbps mark with my broadband modem, regular dropouts and if it's raining and windy forget..."

"Just wanted to say thankyou for the great service in providing us with a new internet antenna. We purchased the
16dBi 850MHz 3G nextG 4G-HSPA+ Yagi Antenna Kit. Our signal went from 1 bar to 5 consistent bars, and no
dropouts. We are getting speeds of 23Mbps up to 28Mbps now compared to 10 to 14Mbps on our Bigpond Ultimate 3G Wifi (using speedtest.com)...."

"Dear remote_one,
thanks mate for the really fast postage and the great quality , I just set it up today and got me to full 5 bars reception and on speedtest i picked up about 2 meg sec for this time of day (on DC HSPA+)
very impressed and I recommended your shop to our local telstra shop hehe they get the Yagis from somewhere else (dearer) smiles as I watch Richard Clapton on bigpond..."

"A quick thank you. I have installed the dual Yagi and it works very well. My main customer (my wife) is very pleased with the Internet speed.
Regards Dan"

Installed your antenna kit for a friend on farm in the middle of nowhere and was impress that all required fittings was in the box and it made big improvement to a stable connection. Time will tell if stay that way.
Thanks for a well put together kit. I will buy in the future from you
Roy "

"Hello. Thanks for the antenna, now I can actually access the internet from home . Had no signal at all before, but now Ive got 4 bars and works well .... Cheers !"

"Hi Joe, Thanks again. I installed these antennas on the weekend and what a difference it has made. My Cel-fi Pro now sees 4 bars and not 1 and the second antenna is plugged into my Telstra USB 4GX modem and I've doubled the download speed. Thanks again for your help.

"Thankyou kindly Joe, you have gone above and beyond, very much appreciated.
Cheers, Andy"

"Hi Joe,
A quick note to thank you for the products. They were perfect for our needs. Last night, prior to install, we were getting about 5Mbps download, 1Mbps upload with the modem next to a window facing the tower. We performed the install of the dual MiMo antenna today, and moved the modem inside a cupboard. Speed test once complete was 232Mbps download, 24Mbps upload:..."

"I bought one of these as a hopeful experiment to try and get internet on a friend’s bush block. The area was designated “Satellite Only” on Telstra’s website, so I wasn’t that hopeful. I mounted it on a crowbar hammered into a tree stump and connected it to a Telstra Mobile Elite Mobile Wi-Fi ( the one with the external antenna socket) The signal went from zero to 2 bars once we located a..."

I recently purchased the above antenna and am very happy with its performance with the Elite Telstra modem. In a fringe location I now get 3/4 bar reception and download speed between 2 to 3 Mbps.
Your website was very helpful in locating the best tower to use. I had 3 to choose from, but after drawing a line and looking at the terrain, it became quite obvious.
I would recommend the..."

"Hi Joe
Today I had the antennas you recommended installed.
The signal strength now allows me to access Netflix without problems even in times of high internet demand.
Thanks once again for your patient assistance and expert advice, and prompt delivery service.
John Kellett

"Hi Joe thank you for sending my Yagi antenna to the Eidsvold Post Office so promptly, we are travelling at present and I am the envy of all who are camped here as I now have phone and internet. I hope you do not mind I have given 5 people your card that you sent me to coy and they are going to contact you as they also want a Yagi. I will be looking at a Wi Fi next so I do not have to unplug my..."

"Hey guys,
My recent order arrived today and it installed like a charm :) I went with this antenna with the intention of locking onto a tower ~800m away (I'd sit on 4-5 bars, but get booted quite a bit).
Amusingly, with the new antenna, I'm now connecting to a tower that is about 2km away that has the 2600mhz band.
My upload speeds jump about 5x (to 50Mbps).

"Great! Ariel works really well. Went from virtually no signal to 5 bars solid. Thanks"

"Hi Joe,
I installed the antenna and coax yesterday and the result is fantastic! We now have 5 bars on our Optus modem and I’ve watched YouTube video without it stopping. First time ever.
Thanks so much for your assistance.
I’ve just ordered the wall plate to finish off the installation after spending half my weekend under the house running the cabling – but it was worth it.
I wondered if..."

"Hello Joe
ordered an 11dBi multiband antenna for my iinet wifi modem. I must say your site is great for finding what you need. EASY AS! hooked it all up went from 1 bar to 3-4 bars but the best bit, the speed went through the roof. So IMPRESSED with your fast delivery and QUALITY products will recommend you to anyone who will listen.

"Hi, Thanks for a very informative reply. I have spent countless hours on the internet looking at all the snake oil salesman promising the world with their better than everyone else's antennae and I congratulate you on all the honest detail you provide to help the less informed like me...without doubt your info provided is 5 star and professional.
Graeme (blackleg69)"

"Purchased a 3G yagi antenna for use in Qld Surat basin where I'm working. Goods arrived promptly as requested & well packaged.
The antenna makes a huge difference to not only the signal strength but also the connection speed.
I also must point out how refreshing it is to see a supplier actually go to the trouble of including technical information on the products they sell.
Well Done!! That..."

"Hi Joe,
Fantastic customer service. Great products. Quick delivery. Could not be happier."

"hi joe i have installed the 2nd antenna next to the first antenna for the mimo effect both antennas are on a 45degree angle and i am very pleased with the strong signal and im getting 85.85 mbps download and 32.23 mbps upload."

I just got my 13 dbi Yagi from you via Ebay.
My 9dbi omni antenna does not even come close
to the Yagi for performance.
My modem went from 2 bars to 5 bars in an instant.
Many thanks. Mick."

"Thanks for all your help with selecting the correct antenna for our modem.
I thought at first that the antenna was not performing, but Joe helped me to work out that the modem was connecting to a different tower when we used the internal antennas. When I connected the external antenna, the modem got more signal but the service was slower. At first I blamed the antenna and was thinking I had..."

"Folks, thanks for this. The results were outstanding! We went from 3mb/s to 75mb/s. Appreciated that the kit had everything needed - mounts, cables, adaptors, sealing tape.
Cheers & thanks - Pat Sproule"

"Hi there,
Just wanted to congratulate you for an excellent service and solving my NextG connection problems!
The antenna arrived very quickly, well packaged and had everything required to get the installation finished.
The signal strength on mynBigpond Home Gateway has increased from 1 to 5 bars and my download speeds have increased by 8 times!
A very satisfied customer and I have already..."

"G’day Joe,
Just a quick message to advise I received the package today – thank you for the prompt service.
Also thank you for all the advice, I installed the aerial today and very pleased to advise I now receive 4g+ with 4 bars!!! This is a significant improvement before I connected the aerial.
Much appreciated Joe, this is directly attributed to the amazing service you have provided.

"Hi! Joe, Just a quick note to follow up on our antenna purchase. We have installed the antenna at approximately
10 metres, and we have 95% internet strength.
We're extremely pleased, and thanks for all your input and information you supplied with the purchase
of the antenna.
We'll certainly recommend your gear for anyone else out here that is having problems with internet connection...."

"Great antenna Joe very well made...
Should have ordered the Patch cable with the antenna"

"Hey there,
just to say thanks for prompt delivery and it works a treat!
gone from 0 bars to 4 bars on the telstra MF91 wifi modem.
Actually usable now!
Only using one antenna at moment so once I confirm MIMO
in our area time for a 2nd antenna.

Many thanks for your reply; it enabled me to work out how to proceed. I have placed an order for what I need.
I must congratulate you on your website. I find it very user friendly and just so full of information in a clear and easy to follow sequence.
Thanks again for your help,

"Dear remote_one,
Thanks for sending through the patch cable so quickly. I hooked everything up as soon as I got home (despite light rain) and hey presto, super reception. Cheers.
- fifootj"

"all working very well, I'm in a blackspot 800m from tower, aerial mounted on 6m pole gets over hill and trees, nice kit saved me heaps of effort sourcing individual bits, well done,"

"Morning Joe
Just a note to let you know the antennas arrived in Warragul yesterday (took less than 2 days from time of order).
I have tried them out and I am getting 4-5 bars on the 4G dongal instead of 1. Download speed was 65Mbps!! on 4G-LTE. Can’t complain about that.
Thank you very much for your assistance. We may need 2 more of these in a month or 2. If so, I will be in touch.

"Hi Joe,
Finally installed 14 dbi modem aerial.
Went from 0-1 bar to 5 bars instantly.
Thanks and Regards,


"Hi Joe, I bought a Yagi antenna from you a couple of weeks ago and after putting up with a hopeless signal for 12 months, I am extremely happy to have full signal. Thanks for all your help.
Many many thanks, Vic."

"Hi Joe. You are fantastic. Thanks for replying so quick about the passive repeater thingy to add to the kit I first purchased. Your service and products that you provide are an absolute " cracker ". Please feel free to add my recomendation to your web site.
PS. I sing your praises to everyone I know."

"Hi there Joe,
Just a note of my thanks for your help and your great products. The antenna I purchased for my parents has been installed (see below) and their internet speed has gone from a dire 4-6 megabits to 55+!
They are delighted and I am relieved. Coupled with a new mesh wifi router which I had setup previously they now have quality internet across the whole house, to a level they had..."

"Hi Joe
Its great. We are thrilled with the quality of the connection.
The internet is working very well. It was just showing -70dbm and the 5 bars are consistent and you can see by the uptime that the connection is stable. The test is showing the best line I have ever seen here. I have had better download rates , but this doesn’t worry me. What is fantastic is the advantage of the ping of the..."

"Thanks for the quick delivery of these antennas Joe. They arrived last week and I installed them on our caravan over the weekend. Everything went together well - the quality of the product was superb and the performance of the antennas is more than I could have hoped for.
Signal strength on our Nighthawk M1 modem went from a patchy one bar to a full five bars and our internet connection is now..."

"Thanks guys for fantastic antenna.
Installed it over the weekend with help from your site assessment and my not-so-sober electrician mate. Good thing I got the 14dBi dual band yagi . My wife is on Optus an Im on Telstra.
Pointed it at Edithburg as the tower there has both optus and telstra.
The Passive Pad fits our 3 phones perfectly and the XLink Bluetooth Gateway allows us to walk around..."

"Thank you for your absolute perfect service.
I got what I want, delivered on time, perfect packing.
Will recommend you to anybody, with RF phone problems.
Thank you

"Hi Joe
Just wanted to say thanks for the antenna kit, it arrived fast and does what it says it should! It came with all the bits and pieces for the install and now I can get > 20 Mb/s from less than 10 Mb/s before; all in all a great service. Cheers Chris"

"hi just a note. to align your antenna better if you are usung a mobile or portable hotspot you can log in to the modem 192.168.1 and see signal strenght. the lower the number the better the signal
The Antenna Company pty ltd."

"Hi Joe
I received the Yagi antenna and installed it recently, coupling it to the Telstra Smart antenna. We now have 4-5 bars inside the house. Thanks very much for your help and expert advice, very much appreciated.
Best Regards
Richard Miller"

"I purchased the antennas, installed them without even adjusting them exactly, and speeds are now between 3-4x faster than without the antenna. Best money I have spent in a long time! Thanks again for your help."

"Hi Joe,
I finally got everything sorted. The modem was put in a sealed plastic box on the roof of my establishment. The performance is exceptional on Optus LTE. I can consistently get 30 Mbps download / 10 Mbps upload (with QoS for real-time applications) 30 KM from the tower with 200 GB per month. Latency is about 17 ms to Brisbane.
The burstable rate is actually much higher, but to ensure..."

"Hi Joe,
Thanks for the rapid supply of my order, do you know someone at Aust.Post? I ordered Wednesday morning and picked up the parcel in Victor Thursday lunchtime, amazing!
I’ve hooked up the passive pad to my car antenna, three bars each phone, whilst I install the antenna. I’m finally able to show the Boss that the system will work and her mobile now has signal.
I’ll need a few bits and..."

"I managed to get everything setup today and signal strength went from the 51% to around 77% to 84%. So I am happy with that side of things thankyou."

"Thank you Joe, I now have 3- 4 bars of signal and no one is complaining of my voice breaking up!
Kind regards