Splitter Combiner

Split antenna feed to 2 devices
Combine 2 antennas as a Phased Array.

Self Amalgamating UV stable Tape 20cm


AU $1.99

Self Amalgamating Tape - UV Stable - Strip

    • Water proof Antenna Coax Connections against Rain, Moisture and UV sunlight.
    • These are the same sealant tapes we include with our antennas kits.
    • 200mm long x 19 wide x 0.8mm thick.

Splitter for 3G, 4G Mobile Phones and Modems (SMA)

CODE: 0727-02-SMA

AU $44.00

• Connect antenna to both a Mobile Phone and a USB Modem.
• 2-Way,  3-Way  or  4-Way.
PTFE circuit board for maximum signal.
• SMA-female connections.
• All Carriers - Any 3G and 4G LTE Band - future proof 4G
• 700 850 900 1700 1800 2100 2400 2500 & 2700MHz bands 

Typical "Splitter" Application.


  • 2-Way 
  • 3-Way (+AU $10.00)
  • 4-Way (+AU $20.00)

LL195 Coax Cable - Low Loss


• LL195 -50Ω antenna coax cable - Low Loss
   Equivalent to ®LMR195
• SMA male to SMA male/female connectors with adapter.
• OD: 4.95mm, Double Shielded - Semi-rigid, solid core.
• Attenuation @ 850MHz: 0.36 dB/m

Please choose the length and fittings you require from the menu below.


  • 0.5m (+AU $17.90)
  • 1m (+AU $18.90)
  • 2m (+AU $20.90)
  • 3m (+AU $21.90)
  • 5m (+AU $25.90)
  • 10m (+AU $35.90)

Please Select


Select the previous option first

SMA male to SMA male Adapter

CODE: AD1101, AD1101

AU $5.99

• SMA male - SMA male Cable Adapter - Gender Bender
• Adapt routers with SMA external antenna port
• Use where you need to change the Cable Connector Gender from SMA female to male
• Adapt 3G/4G Routers supplied by Telstra, Optus etc such as
• Netcomm 3G21WB, 3G8WV, 3G10WVT, 3G9WB/T and
 Ericsson W25, Maxon BP3 Ext and Huawei B220

N Male to SMA Male Adapter

CODE: AD1072, AD1072

AU $6.90

N Male to SMA Male Cable Adapter

  • Adapt OEM Antennas with N Type connector  to our SMA cables and Patch leads.
  • Converts an SMA Coax Connector to N male.

N-Female to SMA-Male Adapter

CODE: AD1074, AD1074

AU $6.90

N-female to SMA-male Adapter

FME-Female to SMA-Female Adapter

CODE: AD1104, AD1104

AU $5.95

FME-Female to SMA-Female Adapter

FME-Male to SMA-Female Adapter


AU $5.95

FME-Male to SMA-Female Adapter

FME-Male to SMA-Male Adapter

CODE: AD1112, AD1112

AU $5.95

FME-Male to SMA-Male Adapter

FME-Female to SMA-Male Adapter

CODE: AD1103, AD1103

AU $5.95

FME-Female to SMA-Male Adapter


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