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Resultant Signal Strength from the Ligowave Calculator

RSSI or Signal

Rating Expected Connectivity
↑ -51 to -73 Excellent
Not affected by cell breathing/loading
-75 to -83 Good Normally no problem.
Should hold a connection, even with heavy cell loading
-85 to- 95 Fair Workable under good conditions where interference from neighbouring towers is not present. Could suffer poor data speeds and occasional dropped connection.
-97 to -113↓ Poor Dramatically lower data speeds and regular disconnects. May not connect.

Signal Strength vs Quality FAQ page

RSRP is a more accurate measure of signal strength than RSSI, as it excludes noise and interference on the network. It measures just the usable portion of the signal. Although the 4G RSRP signals appear lower, it does not mean your signal level is worse.

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The LigoWave Link Calculator is a powerful calculator for determining the signal strength you should expect to achieve from the Mobile Phone Tower. To improve accuracy you need to enter the information as acurately as possible. Scroll down the page to see the Hints and Tips for default settings.

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