30/01/2020, 06:58 PM

"Hi there Joe,
Just a note of my thanks for your help and your great products. The antenna I purchased for my parents has been installed (see below) and their internet speed has gone from a dire 4-6 megabits to 55+!
They are delighted and I am relieved. Coupled with a new mesh wifi router which I had setup previously they now have quality internet across the whole house, to a level they had no idea was even possible in their rural location.
Many, many thanks!
Logan (and the parents) :-)


07/01/2020, 11:36 AM

"Hey guys,
My recent order arrived today and it installed like a charm :) I went with this antenna with the intention of locking onto a tower ~800m away (I'd sit on 4-5 bars, but get booted quite a bit).
Amusingly, with the new antenna, I'm now connecting to a tower that is about 2km away that has the 2600mhz band.
My upload speeds jump about 5x (to 50Mbps).

16/09/2019, 04:22 PM

"Thanks for the quick delivery of these antennas Joe. They arrived last week and I installed them on our caravan over the weekend. Everything went together well - the quality of the product was superb and the performance of the antennas is more than I could have hoped for.
Signal strength on our Nighthawk M1 modem went from a patchy one bar to a full five bars and our internet connection is now actually usable. Down load speed has jumped from about 10MB per minute (true) to a level where we can now watch Netflix without any buffering."

23/06/2019, 11:12 PM

"Folks, thanks for this. The results were outstanding! We went from 3mb/s to 75mb/s. Appreciated that the kit had everything needed - mounts, cables, adaptors, sealing tape.
Cheers & thanks - Pat Sproule"

23/05/2019, 12:52 AM

"Hi Joe,
A quick note to thank you for the products. They were perfect for our needs. Last night, prior to install, we were getting about 5Mbps download, 1Mbps upload with the modem next to a window facing the tower. We performed the install of the dual MiMo antenna today, and moved the modem inside a cupboard. Speed test once complete was 232Mbps download, 24Mbps upload:
And that's with the tower over 8km away.
All very happy with the product and the results!

01/05/2019, 08:00 AM

"Fantastic Service. So many people setup websites to sell product but forget about the customer experience. Joe is easy to deal with. If there's a problem with your order it can be fixed without any hassles. Buy all your communications gear from this site... "

06/02/2019, 08:08 PM

"G’day Joe,
Just a quick message to advise I received the package today – thank you for the prompt service.
Also thank you for all the advice, I installed the aerial today and very pleased to advise I now receive 4g+ with 4 bars!!! This is a significant improvement before I connected the aerial.
Much appreciated Joe, this is directly attributed to the amazing service you have provided.
All the best"

21/01/2019, 12:15 PM

"Great site, clear photos and no ambiguity with the products, great! Thanks!."

13/11/2018, 09:54 AM

"We have been operating on 3G wireless for internet and phone using a 3G Cel-Fi booster for the last 4 years.
We are in a rural area (Northern NSW) that is surposed to be serviced by NBN Satalite but found the service and quality of this totally unacceptable with no improvement in sight and very expensive.
I have been considering my options for some time - Cel-Fi 4G with a suitable Yargi, just a Yargi on it's own and various other options... all required an expenditure of over $900.
I have had contact with a number of supliers and providors but found that by and large they were not really interested in answering my questions unless I was likely to spend big $$$ with them and any detailed on what would suit my needs was pay-per-view so to speak.
By the time I found remoteONE I had been researching and checking for over 6 months and was fairly sure I knew what I wanted, it was now just a question of price.
When I was ready to order my antenna last Tuesday I had one more look at remoteONE's site and found a moblie contact number for service. My first thoughts were that "they won't answer... just like everyone else..."
I rang the number just on the off chance and was pleasntly surprised to get an answer almost immediatly.
The gentleman I was talking to was Joe and he quickly assessed my needs from a few succinct questions and made a recomendation of 2 x 15dBi 4G 4GX 3G 700/850/900MHz Parabolic Grid Antenna in a MIMO setup.
I went ahead with this purchase at $300.25 inc postage, recieved them yesterday and within an hour was totally sold on remoteONE, their products, service, advice AND price!!!
I now have 4 bar 4G MIMO service at a distance of 21km from the tower I an recieving from with 27mb/s Down and 8mb/s Up compared to 2mb/s Down and .5mb/s UP on a good day!!!
Thank you for you advice, assistance, price and service. Second to none!"

26/10/2018, 11:01 AM

"Hi Guys,
Just wanted to say thank you for prompt delivery. We received our 17dBi panel antenna the next day after ordering and it has been installed.
It definitely made a huge difference to our Vividwireless service !
The only issue was me ordering the wrong cables but I am very grateful for your service - thank you! "

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