Clipsal Wallplate / Insert for Antenna Cables

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Clipsal Wallplate, Insert and Extension Coax - Suit Our Antenna Kits


Single Plate + ONE Insert kit Double Plate with Insert kit Tripple Plate with Insert kit Quad Plate with Insert kit Hex Plate with Insert kit Double Plate with TWO Insert k Tripple Plate with TWO Insert k Quad Plate with TWO Insert k Hex Plate with TWO Insert k


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Clipsal 2000 series Insert, and optional wallplate. Please select from the options above.
Wallplate, Insert, Nut and Washer to suit the SMA female connector on our LL240 & LL400 coax cables. Select the wallplate you need.

How to order:
Step 1. Select the required wallplate with either SINGLE or DOUBLE  inserts.
Step 2. Coax cable options will then show either 1x coax or 2x coax.
The coax is to  go from the Wallplate to Modem, NOT from the antenna to wallplate.


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